Serenity & Chic is an Asian female owned clothing boutique based in Vancouver Canada. Each item is carefully chosen to be part of the bi weekly clothing drops that are aesthetically pleasing and up to the seasons trends. The goal of Serenity & Chic is to bring good quality clothing to the doorsteps of Canadian babes, without having to pay duties and wait weeks for shipping. With supporting small, we hope that it can contribute to slower fashion and pieces that will stay in your closet for longer. Our long term goal is to be more eco friendly and sustainable as the brand grows and has more resources!

Vancouver Canada Based

Tired of paying duties, waiting weeks for shipments? Buying cute outfits online from outside of Canada can be a chore.

I got you :)

Female owned small business

Your support towards a female asian owned brand, means so much. This company has been created with so much time and commitment. In the near future Serenity n chic hopes to expand and cater to your needs as best as possible.

Aesthetically pleasing

The goal is to provide you with good quality, fashion forward, and aesthetically pleasing items. It is all about being in trend but not breaking your wallet at the same time!